don't just go out to eat


MEERBAR is known as the culinary and gastronomic flagship in Düsseldorf's media harbour. Our location offers a culinary experience at the highest international level.

The outstanding mix of Mediterranean cuisine, modern interior design, top service and exciting nightlife makes MEERBAR excellent, but also unique.

Kitchen / Menu

The classic and modern composition of our dishes are tastefully unique in the world. Infinite sensual delights for your taste and a breathtaking terrace with an outstanding view of the Rhine lead to the perfect relaxation of your mind and soul.


The MEERBAR would not be a bar if there were no cocktails: Choose from a wide range of classic and popular creations or try something new. The enjoyment is guaranteed! Our range of spirits is in line with the international top hotel industry and offers you the right choice from exquisite whiskeys to a fancy gin selection. In the non-alcoholic sector, we naturally satisfy every wish.


Depending on the purpose and event, the mood in MEERBAR is sometimes sensual and sometimes thrilling. This makes the location an exquisite culinary temple of the highest class and at the same time an ideal stage for cultural events.


Finger food, flying menu, flying buffet, seafood or fine dining? All of our 35 chefs are very expierenced in all segments and will fulfill your wishes at the highest level.

Reservation / Request

Please note our office hours:
Mon - Fri: 09.00 am  - 06.00 pm

For short term reservation / cancelation outside our business hours, we kindly ask you to contact our restaurant directly:
+49 (0) 211 3398410

You are making a reservation outside our business hours. Please call our restaurant directly. Thank you!

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